Welcome to my blog.

I use it to post random thoughts on politics, music, cinema, sport, TV and anything else that occupies my mind from time to time.

It’s really an exercise in encouraging myself to write more often. If anyone chooses to read it, that’s a bonus, but not a requirement.

The only thing any of this represents is me. My personal thoughts, views, opinions, musings etc. No one else is to blame.

So who am I?

A 50-something Bradfordian, working as a journalist amongst other things for a company called League Publications Ltd in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

I’ve done a couple of stints as editor on Rugby League World Magazine and I’m the technical guy who keeps the Total Rugby League website up and running – also the mild-mannered, endlessly patient head honcho of the Total Rugby League message board moderating team.

I’m a supporter of my local Rugby League team, Bradford Bulls. I enjoyed the glory days of Bullmania, but I was around a while before that when they used to be called Bradford Northern and weren’t very good. These things go in cycles.

I am a fan of the TV show Doctor Who, and though I still own a long scarf I bought at the Blackpool Exhibition in 1981 for the outrageous sum of £7 in a rush of youthful enthusiasm, I have never worn it in an attempt to pretend I was Tom Baker. There is only one Tom Baker. Accept no imitations.

Politically speaking, I’d describe myself as a centre-left, moderate, pro-European social democrat and a believer in electoral reform. I was a member of the Labour party for 25 years from 1992 (even a local branch secretary for a bit) but I finally left in despair at the poisonous mess it had descended into by 2017. Rejoined in December 2019 to vote for Keir Starmer as leader. It’s the hope that kills you.

There are other things I could tell you about myself, but I’m not going to. Not right here, right now at any rate. Perhaps if you bookmark the blog and come back again later, I’ll have written something else. It’s the not knowing that keeps life that little bit more interesting.

Thanks for dropping by anyway.